Make money with affiliate marketing 2021

Make money with affiliate marketing

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are successful with making money through affiliate marketing and they make thousands of dollars every day. Let’s also learn how to make money this fun!

The appeal of the affiliate marketing approach is that it functions like an automated machine. Once you have built an online channel with valuable content, traffic flows in and from there it converts into money and “flows” to your account in a very natural, very passive way.

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

Is affiliate marketing legit?

Is affiliate marketing legit

As you can see here is the proof of withdrawal from affiliate marketing job. You can make a lot of money if you search for and recommend products of high value that are of interest to many people.

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing is a form of promoting a Supplier’s products or services to the end users. When a customer clicks on the marketing link and takes the actions that the supplier wants from the end user: Buying, registering for service, filling in information, …, he / she will receive a commission. .

Affiliate marketing is like you are doing affiliate marketing for product in life. But it’s different in that the affiliate marketing environment is on the internet, no need to embrace. You just need a laptop, even just one phone with internet connection, to make money.

It is as simple as that. Many people only know that affiliate marketing is BUY through affiliate marketing and get paid one commission. But no, there are many other requirements of the supplier that we still get commissions, even just click on the link or fill out the information form ….

Example: You are in need of buying a new Iphone and do not know where to buy it. By chance, you see your friend posting about the Apple Iphone12 of the same type you are interested. So you buy it. The product is owned by the manufacturer, your friends recommend it or do affiliate marketing, introduce products. And if your friend joins the affiliate marketing program, he will receive a commission from the producer. Why so? Because manufacturers do not need to spend advertising costs and still sell products to customers who do not know them, instead of paying very expensive advertising costs, they choose a cheaper form, people recommend products for people wishing to use.

But more importantly, for affiliate marketing on the Internet, every link you put up lasts forever and when a customer buys the product from there you will still receive a commission.

How to be a successful affiliate marketer

For each product or service, each distributor has its own requirements on customer behavior through your marketing link to approve commissions for you. In order to understand the requirements of each distributor, you should thoroughly study their marketing program.

Many of you who make money with affiliate marketing only know that “only when a customer buys goods, they will receive a commission”. However, there are many other forms of affiliate marketing.

• CPA: Short for Cost Per Action, meaning cost is calculated based on one action taken. This is the most common phrase in affiliate marketing. Commissions are paid when a customer clicks on your affiliate link and takes a specific action that the distributor takes. In the CPA, there are 3 more small terms:

• CPS: Short for Cost per Sale, you will receive a commission once a user makes a purchase through your affiliate link. This is the most common form of affiliate marketing.

• CPL: Short for Cost per Lead, commission will be charged when customers fill out personal information or try products through your affiliate link. The information customers enter is usually email, name, address, phone number, ..

• Cost Per Qualified Lead (CPQL): Publisher receive a commission when a customer completes a registration form. Advertiser accepts to pay for receiving information from customers with the right criteria to meet their own requirements depending on the campaign.

For example: Avay accepts customers to enter correct information and get loan confirmation from banks / financial institutions affiliated with AVAY.

• CPI: Short for Cost per Install, you get a commission when a customer installs an advertiser app through your affiliate link. The most popular today is Make Money with Brave

• CPO: Cost per offer – CPO is a form of affiliate marketing in which a commission is charged per customer order. That is, when the customer clicks on your distribution link and places an order on the Landing Page, then calls the call center, the customer confirms that the order was placed (Successfully converted), that you will be charged a commission for the order. that row. This method is also gaining popularity, because of its high commission rate and commission policy. One such affiliate network is Adflex

• CPC: Cost per click: CPC here has 2 meanings, one is to charge for advertising. The rest means that you will be paid a commission per customer click. This is a form of shortening the link., is available on the world.

Best affiliate marketing

Products with high commission value, no need to import, pack, transport, store … these are digital products. With product commissions up to 500-700% per product. You may not believe it and you wonder about it, but it is true. I will recommend it to you and explain why.

There are products that customers buy once but need to use them for a long time, meaning that when the use time is up, you will continue to renew the product. So the supplier agrees to give you a very high product commission because customers will stick with their company for a long time. Simple example. You rent a server it will have a term of 1 year, 3 years … then you have to renew it to continue using.

Here I introduce to you a potential product that is hosting. This is a great product for customers. To do business online you need a webisite to promote your products and hosting is an indispensable product.

Hosting from Armada INc: Host super cheap, quality and free gift domain, only 3.39$/month

Hosting from Hawkhost: Host cheap, quality and not free domain, only 2.24$/month; you can use with domain name if you have

Make money online or doing business online is more and more popular, the need to build an online business is increasingly interested in people. People choose social networking platforms such as Facebook, Zalo, Instagram, tiktok, youtube … to develop business systems and find potential customers.

Make money with affiliate marketing

But you know, this is still a system that is not owned by you, you are only a member and can be restricted or locked out if something goes wrong. So the best way is to create your own system, and website / blog is a great choice. So what should you do with a website? Can you sell online, market your product or share anything you want?

Let’s build your own online business and grow it into a brand, promote affiliate marketing products, expand your business …


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